I’ll show you what you can be, and I will give you all the energy to become it so.

I know that deep down your are a tribal leader, and can not wait to show off your sign.

I pour your vision in a form that you and your team can be proud of, and give a long-lasting power to accompany you on your way.

I also became a member of your team as we work together, so I can feel and see as you.

I can dream, because there are no limits.


I plan for the future, not for the present.

In the background I already have planned what you had not even dare to imagine.

Everything is interconnected, therefore I think in systems, and I’ll teach it for you too. We put every little thing in place carefully.

There is no clutter, just uncontrolled imagination.

The order brings life to all of your dreams.

I can plan, because there are no limits.


Web Design
Graphic Design
Art Direction
Branding & Identity
Print design
Website Development
Project Management
Strategic Planning
Workflow Management
Logical Thinker


My name is Tamás Fodor and I have over ten years of applied graphic design and project management experience. After study visual and fine arts I put the emphasis on gaining hands-on knowledge and vast practical experience.

At the age of 25 I set up my first own company with two of my former colleagues. We launched a non-profit initiative to create free on-line presence for selected Hungarian NGOs. We were also among the first professionals in Hungary to start an on-line marketing and consulting web portal for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Between 2006-2009 I worked in London. I have been working for a political communication agency, creating identities and websites for political events. I am most proud of the visual identities created for Civil Service Live 2009 and Women in Public Life Award 2009.

Returning to Hungary, I was in the design team of Prezi.com, responsible for future corporate identity. In 2011 I have started my own business again called "LGF Stúdió" Ltd.


2011 - Present, Owner, Designer

LGF Studio Ltd.

In 2011 I have started my own business. I mainly do identities and websites for small and medium-sized enterprises and startup companies. Clients: Altera Plc, Hotel Cortina - Vienna,
Norbert Michelisz - World Touring Car Championship driver, Chevrolet


2010 - 2010, Designer

Hopper Communication

I have created identities, website designs and printed materials. I have been playing a part of creating the OTP iPhone application as a designer and project manager as well.

I've updated the identity of CIG Pannonia Life Insurance Company. Along the transformation of the identity, new product folders, brochures, online pension-calculator and the "Way of Life Program" offline marketing materials were created.

Clients: Active Vision,CIG Pannonia Insurance, GDF Suez, OTP, Triskel

2009 - 2009, Designer


I was on the design team of Prezi.com, responsible for create the future corporate identity and guidelines.

2008 - 2009, Designer

Dods Group PLC

I worked for this political communication agency creating identities, websites and printed materials for political events. I am most proud of the visual identities created for Women in Public Life Award 2009 and Civil Service Live 2009.

Other works:

Civil Service Awards 2009
Minister of European Parliament (MEP) Awards 2009


2007 - 2008, Designer

Origin 1 UK

I was responsible for creating web pages, flyers and logos for different subdivisions like ‚Intrigue’, ‚By the Green’, ‚Optima House’, Belvedere Place.

2002 - 2007, Owner

Design and Style Studio

With two of my colleagues from Koronamédia Ltd. we founded our company in 2002. We carried out many successful projects for small and medium-sized business in Hungary. I collected enormous amount of experience during this times, not just as a designer, but in consultation, managing of projects and in solving problems as well.

2000 - 2001, Designer

Koronamédia Ltd.

At Koronamédia Ltd. (Crownmedia) I worked with three programmer and a project manager. We carried out some projects for the Hungarian government, such as creation of websites for the National Police, the Ministry of Culture and the National Election Office.

1999 - 2000, Designer

Business Internet Technology

I mainly worked on e-business web pages. Other duties included organise and deliver on-line training presentations to small business owners.

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If you would like to know what I’ve done in the last five months, come and see for yourself!  like to invite everyone to visit the Imre Makovecz exhibition, what can be visited  between  March 17 th 2014   until 21st September 2014. The exhibition is the opening exhibition of the newly renovated Vigadó . In… Read on

virtualis utazas

Virtual journey

I do not like the winter, but a little bit we can get rid of the cold weather. This is only a virtual journey, and the little red truck of our client is ready to take off towards all the four cardinal points. Who is the customer, and where are the truck going is a… Read on


Imre Makovecz’s favourite things

I visited Imre Makovecz closed offices to start with our project. In the office of the architect, who died in 2011 the time has stopped, it is the same with all of his personal belongings, which he left behind; on his desk he left a paper roll with his last drawing. We broke the peace… Read on

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Photo books

Budapest II

62-pages book of pictures made ​​in Budapest between 2009 and 2010, hardcover.

Budapest I

80-pages book of pictures made ​​in Budapest between 2006 and 2008, hardcover.


62-pages book of pictures made ​​in Vienna in2006, hardcover.


76-pages book of pictures made in Scotland in 2009, hardcover.

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